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Luxo Hair traditional sew-in $70 service Tuesday - Thursday when you install LUXO HAIR .

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Wig/Extension FAQ's

Maintaining and styling a human hair wig is similar to upkeeping your natural hair. It's essential to cleanse and condition the hair regularly and protect it when using hot tools. "With proper care, your wig can last several years.


360 lace wigs are similar to lace front wigs. However, Gibson says there are a few key differences. "Instead of the lace only being in the front, it wraps around the entire head," she notes. "These wigs are great for individuals who like to pull their hair up into ponytails and buns while giving the appearance of a natural hairline."

Gibson says an application of a 360 lace wig can last two or three weeks. However, regular maintenance appointments are needed to keep the lace hairline in pristine condition.

Lace front wigs are typically made with human hair and have a piece of sheer lace that sits along the front. Lace fronts give the illusion of a natural hairline, with individual strands knotted along the mesh. With this type of wig, you're typically able to create parts at the front of the wig.


A lace wig's base is made entirely of lace. With the help of hair colorists and stylists, these wigs can look incredibly natural. "For this wig to look natural, it requires professional customization, including bleaching of knots, plucking, cutting the lace to mimic the original hairline, and coloring the lace with spray or makeup,

The flexibility of full lace wigs also allows you to create parts anywhere and style your hair in braids, updos, or ponytails. While there are plenty of upsides to full lace wigs, Gibson says there are a few caveats. "One of the drawbacks of this type of wig is the maintenance," she says. "Depending on the adhesive you use and your daily activities, the lace can lift and create an unrealistic hairline. Regular maintenance appointments are needed to keep these lace hairlines looking natural." Gibson also notes full lace wigs are among the more expensive wig options.


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